Prayer Requests

Brain Injury – Improvement

Someone very dear to me had a brain injury (car accident) a couple years ago.  At the time of the accident, he was 9 years old.  He has shown a little progress from time to time.  The last time I spoke to him, his dad said he was smiling, and he made some sounds that were not recognizable.  I spoke to him today, and WOW, what a change.  He responded to comments and answered questions.  The answers were very short, but they were clear and precise.  He still has a long way to go, but this is the first time I have seen such a dramatic improvement.  Thank You Jesus.  

Blue Alert

A Blue Alert was issued in our area last night when a Police Officer was shot during a traffic stop.  He is in critical but stable condition this morning.  Please pray for a speedy recovery.  Also, please pray for his family and fellow officers.

Memory Loss

I have a friend who is having trouble with remembering things.  They have done an MRI on his brain, and he has been referred to Neurologist to review the results.  Please pray the doctors will find out what’s wrong and be able to help him recover.


I have a friend going in for a stress test today.  At this time, the doctor is planning to put in two stints, but is doing the stress test to verify his diagnosis.  Please pray for my friend that they will find the problem and be able to get him back to normal.

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