Be A Super Sponsor

This site has the potential to help a vast number of people.  However, there are costs involved in maintaining this site.  Therefore we are looking for sponsors and Super Sponsors.  All Super Sponsors will get a 200×200 banner add on the right side of the page.  There will be 7 banner adds displayed each time the page loads.  These banners will rotate randomly each time the page is displayed.  However, the banner will appear every time the  page is loaded, and the number of Super Sponsors is limited to seven (7) at any given time.  In addition, all Super Sponsors will also have an ad included in the Sponsor section.  Each Sponsor receives a monthly report that shows how many times their add was displayed and how many clicks their add received. Super Sponsorships are $1000.00 per month and can be cancelled anytime.  For more information, click on to send an email.  Please include the company name, contact’s name, and phone number.  We will contact you to answer any questions you may have.  If you are ready to become a Super Sponsor, click here to set up your payment, and you will be contacted with instructions on submitting your banner, or submitting information for us to create your banner for you.  Thank You.

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